Ultrasound dating birth

02-Nov-2017 00:07

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What does ACOG say about women who go past the estimated 40 week due date?I wanted to find out and they indeed have their recommendations and opinions on post dates in a handout here.In the first time period, post-term females had reduced risk for adverse perinatal outcomes compared with post-term males.After the introduction of ultrasound, post-term females had higher risks of stillbirth (odds ratio = 1.60 [95% confidence interval = 1.11 to 2.30]) and meconium aspiration (1.39 [1.10 to 1.75]), compared with post-term males. She is at that stage early in the second trimester when the first ultrasound is usually recommended.She is choosing a home birth, but comes from a medical family who would like her to have an ultrasound. If you are contemplating having an ultrasound, it is important to weigh what you would do with this information.

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I was treated like a horrible mother for not having one, as if I had endangered my baby’s health by not choosing to ultrasound. The World Health Organization has even questioned the validity and reliability of ultrasound studies.For example, it is very easy to determine the position of an unborn baby, but it requires a very experienced ultrasonographer to detect pregnancy problems or physical abnormalities in the baby.Even then, detecting some abnormalities is not always possible and in up to 10% of cases, a baby will be mistakenly thought to have an abnormality, but in fact be well and healthy.One-third of still-births among post-term girls today might be due to incorrect calculation of gestational age.

Conclusions: Introduction of ultrasound for the estimation of gestational age may be associated with increased risks of adverse perinatal outcomes among females classified as post-term compared with their male counterparts.

I would like to take a look at it and break down what is recommended to OB’s when it comes to due dates of pregnant women and babies.