Met in chatroom and had anal sex

15-Nov-2017 22:01

In some ways, they were quite similar, both Cancerians and fairly typical ones at that. They sparked off each other, and their relationship was often flirty. ” I yelled after my boss as I noticed him locking his office door early this Friday afternoon.“Robert, just so you don’t forget, our trial exhibits for Blackpool Mining have to be filed on Tuesday, okay? Well, get your ass in here on Saturday and finish that up then, will ya?Walk, DO NOT RUN, to the back door exit, and leave the building. After they all finished cumming, they reminded me... Two others did the same, then just let me collapse on the hard wet ground, zipping up and walking away.I'll be waiting there with your clothes, expecting an awesome blowjob for the effort. "I'm a cock sucking piece of shit human toilet." And they ALL urinated on me, mostly all over, but some right into my mouth, over flowing with piss, unable to spit it all, swallowing mouthful after mouthful. "He said toilet, not urinal...there's more duty for this guy than piss." One grabbed a stick, and speared some of my shit from the ground. " Pressing the turds into my mouth, unable to resist it, while others searched for other piles, dog crap and such behind the dumpsters. Globs of my own, plus the doggy droplings, where force feed into my mouth, smeared all over my face, I was a brown glob of cum piss and shit. By the fifth day, I had become an automatic cock sucking piece of shit human toilet. The man held my head, and the dog mounted my face, the slimey red shaft slipping right into my well worked mouth. " I felt just a cool dap of liquid drip on my asshole.Ask our sexy little receptionist, the lovely Miss Julie who’s sitting... The four years of college went fast and after graduation I proposed to Sara. I went into the family business and Sara found work in...Read On Added: | Category: Office Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,290 | Tags: mutual masturbation office sex love stories quickie sex | 2 Comments I married the girl of my dreams. Read On Added: | Category: Office Sex | Words: 1,771 | Tags: husband wife problems cheating secretary office oral | 22 Comments Becky surprises Chris at the office Chris was going to be working late, again.Brittany Paige calls herself a professional stripper.This 19 year old made her way from Ohio to the Southwest to pursue a career in adult entertainment.

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