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22-Jul-2017 01:52

"And especially for Catholics, dating back to the 19th-century Blaine amendments, up to the present day, there have been threats from the federal government as well as state and local governments that really restrict our freedom to be able to serve people in our charitable ministries, as well as people trying to live out their Catholic faith or whatever faith they have. Constitution prohibit the use of public funds for "sectarian" schools. Although Trinity Lutheran received a high score on its application for the grant, the school was denied because of its affiliation with a church.

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I have a few of my own. My mother and her sisters married non-Catholics, all of whom are now among the finest Catholic men I know. If all devout Catholics dated and married only in the Church, not only would Julie not be writing her blog, I wouldn’t even exist. The people supporting this side of the issue point out, rightly, that with God all things are possible and that we should fear no evil (such as the evils of ignorance, prejudice, and false belief).

Patrick Madrid blogged about a call he took on his radio show. Dominic, a 19-year-old Catholic man, told the story of dating a girl whose Presbyterian faith (and parents) caused her to break up with him. Patrick responded gently but with a firm message, basically: Date Catholics. Parents, don’t let your kids date non-Catholics.

This issue is one that evokes strong feelings in many people; this post by Patrick drew more comments than his post about the Archishop of Canterbury urging the Pope to allow female bishops. Julie D.

Arne was also a Freemason, when Pope Clement XII had forbidden Catholics to be Freemasons in 1738, so that's a conundrum.

He became a great contributer to English stage music: Arne went on to compose such operas as "Rosamund" (1733), "Tom Thumb" (1733), "Comus" (1738), "Judith" (1761), "Artaxerxes the Great" (1763), "The Fairy Queen" (1771), and "Caractacus" (1775), as well as the oratorio "The Death of Abel" (1744), and "Four Symphonies" (1767).

Other times, the depression is due to marital dissatisfaction.

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